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I must say great work, congratulations on the books. On various social networking websites every fan of yours talks and will continue to talk about your success. I loved the narration of the book, how the two fell in love, nothing could be better than a true love story. This is one love story which will remain with me forever. The book is wonderful. I absolutely loved the beginning of the book, it kept my attention throughout. I couldn't wait to finish the book, and immediately began reading the sequel. You're my new favorite author C.K. There were many pages I loved completely, I will give you FIVE STARS.


Date of Posting: 16 January 2014
Posted By: Pat J.

The Notebook was one of my favorite romantic movies, and you can be assured that Eye of the Storm will top the list. Congrats C.K.Gray!


Date of Posting: 16 January 2014
Posted By: Michael K.

I simply want to say I definitely loved you're web-site, your novels and all the news regarding the upcoming feature film. Many thanks for sharing your many talents with all of your loyal fans.WE LOVE YOU C.K.GRAY


Date of Posting: 15 January 2014
Posted By: Leo Leo

Met you, loved you C.K. You've certainly captured many hearts around the globe. You should be extremely proud of all you've accomplished in such a short time. Three novels, one script, and a movie all in three years! IMPRESSIVE! Looking forward to whatever your future has in store as I hope you'll share it with the world.


Date of Posting: 14 January 2014
Posted By: Richard E.

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