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A must read for anyone who loves a captivating romance. Honestly I couldn't put the books down, loved the storyline. C.K. You know how to capture ones attention and I look forward to your upcoming novels, I am most definitely a huge fan!


Date of Posting: 18 February 2014
Posted By: Diane T.

C.K...WE are all patiently waiting for your next novel, and the MOVIE! PLEASE HURRY..Congratulations on all your amazing accomplishments, and success. You've got many fans who absolutely LOVE YOU! Please don't ever change who you are..your beautiful smile, your outgoing personality, and the love you express towards everyone. C.K. YOU are a true treasure, and the world is a better place with you in it. All the best from the state of Florida!


Date of Posting: 13 February 2014
Posted By: Carmello R.

Congratulations on your success C.K. I've just completed both of your novels, great storyline! Looking forward to seeing your books adapt to the big screen, what a thrill it must be. You are a very beautiful woman inside and out and so deserving of all good things to come. Keep up the positive attitude, there are no limits for you! All the best, Steve


Date of Posting: 30 January 2014
Posted By: Steve P.

As I have had the pleasure of meeting C.K. Gray two years ago and enjoy each and every conversation we have on my radio show, I realized that I haven't provided a review of one of my favorite books ... "Eye of the Storm". As it's been compared to the romantic storyline of "The Notebook", I wholeheartedly agree and "Eye of the Storm" promises to capture the attention and hearts of everyone who reads her book, as well as "After the Storm". Congratulations on all your success ~ Warmly, Nancy


Date of Posting: 17 January 2014
Posted By: Nancy Ferrari

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