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I just finished reading a fabulous novel written by C.K.Gray. I was totally enthralled with the characters, their lives, love and motivation in life. If you have a chance, order now on and purchase your own copy. I have the privilege of owning an autographed copy:-). I can't wait for the sequel...Congrats again C.K.


Date of Posting: 30 May 2010
Posted By: Debbie Hall

I finally had the opportunity to read your book and just want you to know that I haven't had a good read in a long time! Reading for me is a book that I can get lost in and that's was it was. Great writing.


Date of Posting: 30 May 2010
Posted By: mary gemmiti

I devoured this book in a single morning. There is no wasted space or empty hyperbole to be found in CK Gray's writing; this is sharp, to-the-point storytelling that will captivate and whisk you at breakneck speed to a conclusion that will....well, if I told you that would spoil the ending, wouldn't it? For over 20 years I have had just one book on my favorite list. Now I have two.


Date of Posting: 28 May 2010
Posted By: Alan Wechsler

No one will ever see me without a book in my purse,or open on my table, I am always reading. Your novel, in my opinion should be read by anyone with a heart. I could go on, but somehow my words of praise for this story could never be enough! I just started the book today and I'm more than half way through...I'll finish it before bed, it's a book you can't put down very long. Even if it is to complement the author !!! Thank you


Date of Posting: 28 May 2010
Posted By: Nance Bertrand

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