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Joyfully, and at times tearfully, I navigated the “Eye of the Storm.” I stand by my earlier diagnosis that you are an “incurable romantic,” trying to elevate love in all its myriad variations to the apotheosis of a union between two people. Though not yet an apostle of the paradigm that “things happen for a reason,” my profound belief in “fate” was reaffirmed. You seem to differentiate between “loving someone” and “being in love with someone.” All the best.


Date of Posting: 26 June 2010
Posted By: Manfred Walsh

I just finished Part One, as I loved the way I got right into the year of 1902. I could picture everything in my mind. Loved the young innocent love between two young people... . also Eliza's parents! So refreshing! Oh, and yes I was eating licorice when I started the book and just got the giggles.(you must read the book to know what I am referring to). Now I am onto Part 2, I am already highly recommending your book to my friends. Want to see Amazon sell out AGAIN!!


Date of Posting: 16 June 2010
Posted By: BJ Litz

I absolutely loved your book! I especially loved the short chapters and the fact that you sort of let the reader choose the ending. I chose a happy ending -- couldn't bear for Carolina & Michael to end up like Eliza and John. What a wonderful love story -- Can't wait for the next one.


Date of Posting: 16 June 2010
Posted By: Beckie Fields

I'm reading "Eye of the Storm" for the 2nd time....the first time I read it so quickly, only because I couldn't stop.. now I'll take my time. It is an amazing novel C.K. Congrats :)


Date of Posting: 01 June 2010
Posted By: Nancy Bertrand

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