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What more can I possibly say to someone that's taken the world by storm? LOVED both of your novels equally. I give you ★★★★★'s.


Date of Posting: 07 July 2012
Posted By: Anna T.

You thought of an incredible storyline, you wrote it, it was published, you became a best selling romance novelist within a year and a half..and you've gone places no one has ever dreamed of.. C.K. Gray is now becoming a household name!!!!!!!!! WOW, very impressive!!! YOU are one BRILLIANT WOMAN.


Date of Posting: 07 July 2012
Posted By: Diedre K.

★★★★★ I normally don't leave reviews often, but feel I must contribute in saying that I was thoroughly impressed with your novels. C.K. You have great talent, not only in creating such a wonderful story line, but also in your ability to write a story in which captivates an audience. I couldn't put "Eye of the Storm" down! When I finished the first novel, I continued immediately onto the sequel "After the Storm". I look very forward to reading anything you have stored up in that brilliant mind of yours!


Date of Posting: 06 July 2012
Posted By: Amber S.

★★★★★ You are a woman of talent C.K.Gray! I was hooked from the very first chapter. COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN. What a wonderful story that I highly suggest be made into a MOVIE!


Date of Posting: 06 July 2012
Posted By: Rita B.

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