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★★★★★ I normally don't leave reviews often, but feel I must contribute in saying that I was thoroughly impressed with your novels. C.K. You have great talent, not only in creating such a wonderful story line, but also in your ability to write a story in which captivates an audience. I couldn't put "Eye of the Storm" down! When I finished the first novel, I continued immediately onto the sequel "After the Storm". I look very forward to reading anything you have stored up in that brilliant mind of yours!


Date of Posting: 06 July 2012
Posted By: Amber S.

★★★★★ You are a woman of talent C.K.Gray! I was hooked from the very first chapter. COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN. What a wonderful story that I highly suggest be made into a MOVIE!


Date of Posting: 06 July 2012
Posted By: Rita B.

You are quite the talented author C.K. I honestly could not put the books down. I've heard through the grapevine that your third novel is underway?? Do us all a big favor, and please continue with your creative storylines..You sure know how to come up with a captivating love story! Nicholas Sparks eat your heart out!


Date of Posting: 06 July 2012
Posted By: Denise D.

★★★★★ I have been keeping up with your success C.K. since the day I met you at one of your very first book signing events. There you were surrounded by many fans, I was one of them in the crowd! I feel so honored to have met someone so down to earth, beautiful, kind, talented, and most importantly genuine. What you see is what you get when you meet C.K.Gray


Date of Posting: 06 July 2012
Posted By: Andrea V.

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