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Aside from your inner and outer beauty C.K. you've certainly got talent. I give you 5 stars for your storyline, your creative talent, your unique writing ability, and most importantly..keeping my interest from page 1 on. Wishing you much success, and looking forward to your future novels.


Date of Posting: 01 August 2012
Posted By: Susan D.

I have a special place in my heart for author C.K.Gray. She has amassed a huge fan base and critical success!


Date of Posting: 01 August 2012
Posted By: Jill H.

C.K. ..just finished reading "Eye of the Storm". I am every bit as impressed as I thought I would be! Great story and great writing. You are a true talent. Can't wait to read the sequel "After the Storm".


Date of Posting: 01 August 2012
Posted By: Mike F.

I met you last night at your book signing event, what a wonderful turnout you had. So many fans in attendance who came out to meet you/get a personal signed copy of your latest release. Loved your first novel, and looking so forward to reading the sequel. I was so impressed with your success story, you deserve only the best in life. You are truly a lovely woman.


Date of Posting: 26 July 2012
Posted By: Brianne S.

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