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Hey, I just met her, this is her novels..don't say 'maybe'.


Date of Posting: 05 August 2012
Posted By: Aaron D.

After all the hype in the "social media world", I was curious to read your novels! Now, I understand what all the HYPE is about! Very impressive work C.K.Gray!


Date of Posting: 05 August 2012
Posted By: Hannah A.

C.K., you are a breath of fresh air! Both your novels were extremely well written, loved the storyline! Looking forward to your future novels!!


Date of Posting: 04 August 2012
Posted By: Alison L.

C.K., your books were amazing!!! I absolutely loved them. I was hooked from page one and could not put either book down wanting to know what would happen next!!


Date of Posting: 03 August 2012
Posted By: Kerry H.

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