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My wife and I loved the movie "The Notebook" based on the book written by Nicholas Sparks, WE say you've got him beat..your stories MUST become movies, box office hits, no question C.K.Gray! Congratulations on a job well done!! Keep that creative mind of yours active, don't ever stop what you do best.


Date of Posting: 03 August 2012
Posted By: Bronson M.

Aside from your inner and outer beauty C.K. you've certainly got talent. I give you 5 stars for your storyline, your creative talent, your unique writing ability, and most importantly..keeping my interest from page 1 on. Wishing you much success, and looking forward to your future novels.


Date of Posting: 01 August 2012
Posted By: Susan D.

I have a special place in my heart for author C.K.Gray. She has amassed a huge fan base and critical success!


Date of Posting: 01 August 2012
Posted By: Jill H.

C.K. ..just finished reading "Eye of the Storm". I am every bit as impressed as I thought I would be! Great story and great writing. You are a true talent. Can't wait to read the sequel "After the Storm".


Date of Posting: 01 August 2012
Posted By: Mike F.

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