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Just finished both novels C.K. You are a woman with pure talent. I enjoyed the storyline from the very first had me hooked immediately. I thought it would be a wonderful read for my book club, as you will be our topic of discussion in Sept. We all loved "Eye of the Storm" and the sequel "After the Storm". WE all look forward to reading everything you write. FIVE STARS to you from our book club of 15 wonderful women!!


Date of Posting: 08 August 2012
Posted By: Heidi R.

The book brought a tear to my eye. Its simplicity coupled with its emotional intensity leaves you gasping for breath. This book captures the essence of the intense attraction someone feels when they have found their soulmate and how everything else fades into obscurity. I advise everybody to read this book as the whole concept of the story is that love can transcend death. This is something somebody spiritual like myself can relate to. 10/10!! David J Harvey (Singer/Songwriter)


Date of Posting: 06 August 2012
Posted By: David Harvey

I felt the need to post on your website C.K. I read my very first romance novel, that being "Eye of the Storm". My wife recommended that I take it away with me on my business trip, I became enthralled with the storyline. The story made me realize more than ever before that my wife is my true soul mate. Thank you!


Date of Posting: 06 August 2012
Posted By: Gregory U.

Incredible read C.K.Gray! I am a fan for life! Most definitely a storyline that needs to capture the attention of Hollywood!


Date of Posting: 05 August 2012
Posted By: Amanda Z.

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