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C.K. Though so many people try and write the perfect romance novel, many fail. You on the other hand certainly know how to write a great love story, captivate the reader, and prove that passion leads to success. LOVED both novels, keep up the great storylines!


Date of Posting: 29 March 2013
Posted By: Freida D.

As an illustration in my mind, I have such a visual of the time and place in Savannah 1902, I loved how you then proceeded into modern day. You write the way I like to read, your story flows without all the waste. Wonderful job C.K. as you should be so proud of your accomplishments! A lifetime achievement award, well deserved!


Date of Posting: 29 March 2013
Posted By: Laura G.

While traveling from one place to another throughout the year, I always take a few novels with me each trip. C.K., I'm a man, but felt 100% comfortable reading your romance novels, kudos to you on the cover design, as well as the content written inside! Great stories, would make the perfect movie!


Date of Posting: 27 March 2013
Posted By: Rammi C.

C.K. - You are an amazing author whose novels can be enjoyed by both men & women. You write for your audience & anyone who reads your work can relate to the story lines in their own actual lives. Please keep writing C.K., you are a natural. You love to write & your audience loves to read what you write. Congrats on the upcoming movie ..."Eye of the Storm"!!!


Date of Posting: 25 March 2013
Posted By: Eddie Plaksa

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