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Growing up in Los Angeles, California, and moving to Canada as a late teen was extremely difficult at the time, almost a culture shock. At eighteen years old, writing became my escape, a part of my daily life, it’s what I’d do each time I felt the need to release my thoughts, feelings, even stress. I’d place the pen to paper, as I continued to write anything and everything from articles to poetry to quotes. To be honest with you, at that very moment in my life, I did not want to live here.

The Burlington Post

Carrie Gray realized a 29-year-old dream when she became a published author.

Up until a few years ago, her days were jammed with raising three children and building a career as an interior designer.
“I never thought it would be or become what it has become today,” said Gray, 50. The ‘it’ she refers to is her self-published fiction romance novel called Eye of the Storm. Since its release in June 2010 she has sold 2,500 books — it sold out five times in its first three weeks of hitting the market.