The Web

As I have spun my web, the sun gleaming at the perfectly woven threads. 
Not a flaw in sight.
The spider in the unspoiled complexity. 
Suddenly, something has disturbed the protected masterpiece...
Is it the prey I have been patiently awaiting? 
Was it worth the destruction of my creation? 
As I feel extremely enervated after the energy consumed, the trepidation is overwhelming. 
Do I feel disconsolate, or do I feel agog? 
Do I attempt to approach the invader, or decline the invasion?

C.K. Gray


The music drowns out all other  thoughts in my mind as I get lost in the lyrics..
Only to focus on the artist's voice, the instruments.
The words are comprehensible, the song relates to a moment and a time in my life.
Where was I? What was the vivid memory? 
A storyline not understood by all, but a reflection of my past.
These memories repeat continually.
I hear every sound, every note, every word...
My music, my life replays..

C.K. Gray
-Music has always played an important part in my life - music inspires and motivates me.