In 2009.. C.K. came to the conclusion there was something missing in her life .. Once discovered, she would let nothing stand in her way in order to achieve personal happiness. Pursuing her greatest passion, (which was writing), has now lead her on a journey far beyond her expectations. As she quotes “Life is half lived before we really understand what life is all about” ~C.K.Gray~. 

 C.K. has always had a creative flair, allowing her imagination to run wild in all that she does! C.K's mind never shuts off. Many who know her personally call her "The Thinker"...  this allows her true passion to come alive, especially near any body of water, WATER INSPIRES this woman! Writing on a daily basis since early childhood,had led her to writing her first successful BEST SELLING “ROMANCE” novel.. titled “Eye of the Storm”. Within just a short nine months, her storyline was complete. The outcome equaled an extremely captivating romance novel to say the least, a love story like no other. C.K. poured her heart and soul into every word written. In the short time her book had been released through her publishing company,,, Barnes and Noble, all e-readers, etc. “Eye of the Storm” had sold out five times in the first three weeks. Well over thousands of books/e-books had been sold in the first year alone. The ratings through google, yahoo, as well many other search engines have listed CKGBOOKS “Eye of the Storm” continually in the top 5 out of millions. C.K.Gray ranked “TOP AUTHOR” and “BEST SELLING AUTHOR” on her publishing companies website.
C.K. has been interviewed on numerous radio shows across the United States, appeared as a guest on many TV talk shows,including ABC/FOX, Good Morning Savannah, and played the part of an author on a reality show. She has had countless newspaper and magazine articles written about her success. The latest mentions were included in "Hollywood Reporter, Variety Magazine, and the Hollywood Insider"

As a result of this unexpected success story, she was inspired by so many fans to write a sequel which she titled “After the Storm” released in April 2012. Both novels have both gained an incredible amount of traction leading them both to best sellers!
“Eye of the Storm” had magically filtered it’s way into the movie industry. Five Production Companies had approached her over during the first year with overwhelming interest. She is now close to production working alongside major Producers/Directors/Screenwriters as they take her storyline "EYE OF THE STORM" and adapt her best selling novel into a feature Hollywood film!
IMDB- C.K.Gray

C.K. has just completed her third novel, as she was asked to turn a movie script into a storyline! Her fourth book should be released later this year.

As C.K. quotes again "Don't ever think "impossible" when anything is "possible".
This woman listened to her heart, followed her dream... she loved to write, so she wrote. To say the least, her real story is just beginning, onto the next chapter....stay tuned!