Eliza Anceaux never believed in love at first sight until she met handsome John Barrett - her soul mate - and her life forever changed. Caught up in a whirlwind romance, they envisioned a blissful future together, with a home and children and all the happiness in the world. Everything was going to be perfect.

But fate had other plans. Just as quickly as they were brought together, they were torn apart, their lives lost in a tragic boating accident. Could their love survive even after death?

The answer is found over a hundred years later, when successful businesswoman Carolina Anderson meets Dr. Michael Sanford and they find themselves inexplicably drawn to one another - and unwittingly mirroring Eliza and John’s doomed romance.

As their bond to one another grows, Carolina and Michael must make a choice between staying with their spouses and families and following their destiny. When they run away together to a secluded beach and find themselves out on a boat in tumultuous weather, will tragedy repeat itself? Or will the star-crossed lovers free themselves from the grip of fate?

C.K. Gray