SNAP Burlington

Growing up in Los Angeles, California, and moving to Canada as a late teen was extremely difficult at the time, almost a culture shock. At eighteen years old, writing became my escape, a part of my daily life, it’s what I’d do each time I felt the need to release my thoughts, feelings, even stress. I’d place the pen to paper, as I continued to write anything and everything from articles to poetry to quotes. To be honest with you, at that very moment in my life, I did not want to live here.

Soon enough, I adapted to the ‘Burlington lifestyle’, the cold, the snow, which of course I’d never experienced before. Even the mere fact that the entire city was shut down on Sunday’s. Obviously things have certainly changed since then, as I’ve grown to love this city! As a Burlington resident for over thirty years, I admire everything about this community; the wonderful people, my neighbourhood, etc., I’ve never looked back...except that I’d placed my greatest passion on hold.

Throughout the years as a parent, I’ve enjoyed every minute of witnessing my children grow from childhood to adulthood, from diapers to college graduations, and everything in between. The years flew by, the end result..three absolutely wonderful, loving, successful grown children. Having no regrets in the end, it was worth every minute placing my life, my greatest passion on hold.

Although working full-time for over 25 years in a job I absolutely love, my dreams weren’t being fulfilled. I had an epiphany a few years ago.. I asked myself “what do I do for me?” I paused for a minute, came up with an response was “nothing.” I then realized it was now MY time to pursue MY dream, write that story, live vicariously through my characters, and continue with the passion I had buried so deeply inside of me!

The hopeless romantic that I am, my fictional romance novel “Eye of the Storm” was written and published within one year. Book Talks/Signings, Radio interviews throughout the United
States, three TV appearances in the past thirty days, and book/e-book sales have reached thousands. Within one year, my dream became a reality. Dedication and hard work, promoting, traveling, pounding the pavement, and never giving up. I’ve realized that it was now my turn to leave a legacy, live my dream. Never giving up something I felt so strongly about.

This is far from any Cinderella story, as I’ve had many struggles throughout my life, but wasn’t allowing anything to stand in my way. I contribute all that I’ve dealt with in the past, the hurdles I’ve had to overcome, as well as the support from so many wonderful people in my life to who I’ve become today.

My first novel has gained so much traction, interest, and excitement that the sequel “After the Storm” will be released early 2012. I’m on a roll, and again..”My life was half lived before I really understood what life was all about.” I’m now living my dream, the dream I’d placed on hold so many years, Loving who I’ve become, as I continue to believe in myself, never giving up my passion.