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Carrie Gray realized a 29-year-old dream when she became a published author.

Up until a few years ago, her days were jammed with raising three children and building a career as an interior designer.
“I never thought it would be or become what it has become today,” said Gray, 50. The ‘it’ she refers to is her self-published fiction romance novel called Eye of the Storm. Since its release in June 2010 she has sold 2,500 books — it sold out five times in its first three weeks of hitting the market.

Eye of the Storm, which took nine months to write, is a love story set in 1902, in Savannah, Georgia where 17-year-old Eliza Anceaux finds her soul mate in John Barrett. Sadly their love would come to an untimely end, in a tragic boating accident.

Fast-forward a century, to when successful businesswoman Carolina Anderson meets Dr. Michael Sanford. From the perfume Anderson wears to the circumstances behind her accident, Sanford begins to realize that everything about their love affair seems all too familiar … The rest of the story is for reader’s eyes only, said Gray.
Nowadays, the new author’s one-book dream is about to be repeated for a second time.

Her second book, the follow up to Eye of the Storm, is called After the Storm, which is due out early in the New Year. A third novel is also in the works and while it is a separate work on its own, it is also a story about romance. The as-yet-untitled novel is due out in the fall of 2012.

Avid people watcher

Gray, an avid people watcher said she generated the plot of Eye of the Storm while on a beach in southern California, her former stomping grounds. Gray moved to Burlington in 1979 at age 18.
As a self-described “hopeless romantic” she also incorporated into her first book her theories on finding love, which she has based on extensive reading of psychology and philosophy books. It’s Gray’s belief that destiny plays a big part, that people who are meant to connect with someone will.

“I don’t believe in looking for love. If you have a soulmate in this world, you will find him/her.”

By her definition, a soulmate is someone who can read your thoughts and finish your sentences and whom you are connected to emotionally, physically and mentally.
“He/she is someone you can’t imagine being without,” added Gray. “It’s how you accept the imperfections in your soulmate that make a perfect relationship,” said Gray who wakes up daily with a quote roaming through her brain.

“Some people run to pass the time and de-stress; I write,” said Gray.
Due to her creative background, she has worn many hats, from marketer to promoter, since she published Eye of the Storm. Gray created the book jacket cover, accompanying website ( and YouTube trailer for the novel.

“I want total control of the creative process.”
Recently, she said she was featured as a best selling author in an as-yet unnamed reality TV show in New York that will be aired next spring.
On the promotion circuit she has appeared on television and radio talk shows in Canada and the United States, and said she has caught the attention of the Hollywood movie industry’s movers and shakers.

“Three well-known Hollywood producers have just signed a contract agreement with me,” said Gray. “This may just become next year’s big box office hit!”
Gray will be signing copies of Eye of the Storm on Jan. 27, at 7:30 p.m., at Sixteen Mile Sports Complex in Oakville.

She’ll be donating some of the proceeds from the sales of her book as part of a fundraiser organized by the Ontario Junior Hockey League’s Oakville Blades for the Canadian Cancer Society’s breast cancer awareness programs.