How can we become so emotionally involved in such a short time, with someone we barely know? Was it fate ? Was it destiny ? Maybe a combination of both that brought us together ? So unaware of what has happened. Is this my soul searching for my soul mate? Was I destined to find him, was he destined to find me ? Were we destined to find each other ? The romance that took control, almost overpowering, yet, something neither of us will fight. Somewhat experiencing loss of control, but controllable ? Maybe not. Love is too powerful. Maybe one of the most powerful emotions we may ever experience. Words cannot begin to describe the somatic-emotional state we experience . Never a thought of trying to reverse the equivocal effects. . . As the romantic passion has intertwined our bodies, our hearts, our souls. Never a question, as we are fully aware of the depth in which we feel. Maybe In too deep ? Deeper by the day, as if we are almost drowning, but allowing the force of power take us under, as we consent this power to take full control, we don't fight it. If if takes us down, we haven't lost control....we have just let it take control of us. The power within, the power of love.


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Girl, you write with such power!!!
Tracy Hewlette , October 04, 2010

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